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Have you ever gazed up at the sky and seen white clouds against that blue background? Have you seen these clouds making shapes? Have you ever thought, could these shapes mean something? Let me explain this beautiful picture I painted for you and how it effects your life with its beauty.

Clouds are one of the most beautiful parts of nature. It is nice to watch clouds moving in the sky, making the view more pleasant. There are many types of clouds; one of my favorite types is cumulus. Cumulus clouds are white on the upper part and gray at the lower part. They are scattered throughout the sky like pretty vessels. However, other types of clouds have their own beauty.

Sometimes these clouds make shapes, while moving through the blue sky, that resemble objects, animals, plants, natural phenomenon, or people. These shapes are sometimes distinctive and sometimes blurry; however, you still can tell what the shape looks like. Are these shapes random or are there divine powers at work? If divine powers are at work, then these shapes must mean something. They could mean something in the present or even tell us about the future. Predicting the future, you ask? Yes, these images can help predict the future, or as itís called Divination.

Divination has been around for thousands of years. People have used it to help them in their everyday lives as well as see a glimpse of what is going to happen to them in the future. We have seen in history that Egyptians, Greek, Chinese and other nations have used Divination as a popular method of predicting the future. Even Kings and leaders of nations have used this method to guide them through their journey in life, and be aware of what the future holds for their kingdom. They relied on it because they have seen it at work many times over and over again.

Many important events in history were predicted very specifically by Divination. Some people may not believe in it, and think it is hocus pocus, but history proves that Divination works. Even today, many people do believe in it and use it to guide them. However, it must be said that it is only used to guide people, not to make decisions for them. Many people today have found scientific reasons to explain Divination. However, others see this as philosophical matter.

Divination is reading signs through a medium and interpreting them. These signs could be anything. It also relies on a divine power that causes these signs to appear. Each sign in each medium has its own interpretation, and can be different from one medium to the other.

An example is tea leaf reading. The tea leaves that are left over after a cup of tea, at the bottom of the cup, form shapes. These shapes have their own meanings and can be interpreted.

Palm reading is another type of reading which allows an expert to interpret the lines on the palm of oneís hand, and discern what they mean or what will happen in their future.

One of the most popular divinations, which is my favorite as well, is Astrology. It uses the stars and planets, and their position in space, to interpret what a personís personality is like or what the future may hold for that person. Astrology is very popular and many people use it in their everyday lives.

One of the other types of Divination is Aeromancy. Aeromancy means Divination by atmospheric conditions and has been around for a long time. Nature is usually a good source of finding what the future has planned for you in Aeromancy. One specific part of it is called Nephomancy, which uses clouds to foretell your future. Unfortunately, there is not much information on Nephomancy and how we can interpret the color, position and shape of clouds in the sky. It was popular amongst early civilizations, but then it began to lose attention and got lost in history, until now.

Without knowing about Nephomancy, I realized that the shapes of clouds have meaning. These meanings can be interpreted and foretell the future in ways that can affect our lives. After seeing the effect with my own eyes, I started doing research on Divination but more specifically Nephomancy. I also researched different shapes of clouds in correspondence to their meanings, and created a list to guide others when theyíre observing the shapes of clouds. I created this book to help people see what future may hold for them and use better judgment on their decisions.

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